Deluxe Adjustable Bed Frame

We have many customer that remember the old Craftmatic Adjustable Bed commercials who call us asking if we have a product that is comparable.  Of course the answer to that question is YES!  Our Deluxe Adjustable Bed Frame offers all the same features and benefits of the Craftmatic Adjustable Bed but here at RestOnClouds, you have a large variety of mattresses to choose from, including our “Adjustable Friendly” Inner Spring mattress, memory foam mattresses, digital number beds, and latex mattresses.

The Deluxe Adjustable Bed Frame allows you to select any of our mattresses (with the exception of water beds) so that you get a customized feel that is right for YOU.  Just like Craftmatic, our bed has wireless remote controls, independent head and foot control, built in massage and “wall hugging” action that keeps your bed close to your nightstand.

We highly recommend any of our LATEX MATTRESSES to go with our adjustable bed frame.  They offer a superior blend of flexabilty, suport and pressure relieving comfort.  Being all natural, they offer a good, safe, clean safe sleeping environment and since they are made from a farmed, sustainable source, they are very eco-friendly as well.

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Why Buy a Latex Mattress?

When considering a new mattress, there are many reason to consider latex as an option. The first reason, is for your health.

Latex mattress offer pressure relief similar to that of a water bed, but continues to offer plenty of support.  If you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night as the result of an arm, hip or shoulder “falling asleep” or going numb, a latex bed could be your answer.  For back pain, a standard inner spring mattress compared to a latex bed doesn’t even compare!  A Spring mattress will never truly give you body the support it needs in the center of your back, and to make that worse, the fibers and foams used in the quilted layers are subject to body impressions (or flattening where you push down the most -ie hips and shoulders) making your bed lumpy and even more unsupportive.  Over time, these body impressions can actually lead to even more back pain.  In a latex mattress, you do not have this issue.  The latex instantly conforms to your body, offering support in your mid section, and never getting a body impression.

The final two health benefits have to do with allergies.  To start with, Natural Latex Foam Mattresses do not have the same latex allergies associated with them as standard latex does (ie- gloves and balloons)  The manufacturing process of latex foam yields a foam that is hypo-allergenic and safe.  The second allergy concern is dust mites.  Dust mites are nasty little critters that live in your mattress and feed off dead skin cells that have accumulated in your mattress over the years.  A latex mattress does not have a construction that is hospitable to Dust Mites.  Around 10% of the standard population are allergic to these microscopic bugs, while up to 90% of people with allergic asthma are sensitive to them.

Some more reasons to buy a latex mattress?

BED BUGS DO NO LIVE IN LATEX MATTRESSES!  Now that is not to say that there is NO way for a couple bed bugs to live in your mattress for a while, but latex mattresses provide an environment that makes it very difficult for bed bugs to live and reproduce.  The lack of air flow within the mattress, and the lack of open space stops them in their tracks.

A Latex Mattress is extremely eco-friendly.  Natural Latex Beds are made from the sap drained from the rubber tree.  This sap is processed and whipped up and put into a mold creating the layers we use in our latex mattresses.  The trees are farmed specifically for this purpose.  After about 20 years, the trees stop producing enough sap to be efficient, and they are cut down and replaced with younger trees to start over.  The trees that have been cut down are then used in the furniture industry.  The wood from the rubber tree is a very hard, nicely grained, knot free wood that is perfect for building furniture.  The majority of the furniture sold at is made from this source!

They last forever! Natural latex mattresses have been known to last for sometimes over 30-40 years!  Now that is an investment… Spring mattresses regardless of their warranty are meant to be replaced every 8 years. Quality memory foam mattresses generally have a working life span of 10-15 years.  SO if you’re looking for durability and longevity, you can’t do any better than a latex bed.


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Organic Latex Mattress

We are so excited that our Organic Latex Mattress has been so well received by our customers.  It is you who asked for it, and we have listened, making sure our Organic Latex Mattress has been built with all of the considerations asked for by our loyal customer base.  When it comes to mattresses, it is not an item that is bought on a very frequent basis, so having a loyal customer base that comes back over time and recommends us to family and friends is quite an honor.  We are so pleased that our customers have such faith in our company, products and service.

Though we have had natural latex mattresses for years, we knew there was a market for a truly Organic Latex Mattress.  The requirements we heard were that you wanted your organic latex mattress to be as chemical free as possible.  You wanted all natural, organic, chemical free fire protection. You wanted a natural, organic material for the cover that would be soft, breathable, and wick moisture away.  Well, we are proud to offer an Organic Latex Mattress offering ALL of those features.  Be sure to check out our Latex Mattress for more information, or feel free to call and speak with one of our highly trained sleep experts.

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Adjustable Bed Frequently Asked Questions

We would like to take a few moments of your time to answer some frequently asked questions about our Deluxe Adjustable Beds. A few minutes in the section should answer a good number of questions.

Q: Will your Adjustable Bed Frame fit in my current bed?

A: In most cases, the answer to this question is yes. Your new Adjustable Bed Frame can be placed in a couple different ways. The most popular way to use these frames is with the Adjustable Bed Frame Legs. Bed frame legs simply screw into the adjustable foundation and are available in 2″, 7″ and 9″ heights. You may also use the foundation without any legs if you have a platform bed and you don’t want to add much height, but you will have to be sure there is an area for the cord to run through to get to your outlet, and you need to be sure your bed is strong enough to support the weight of the adjustable frame. For beds such as sleigh beds, they will usually come with some slats in them to put a box spring on. When they slats are strong enough, you can sit the adjustable foundation right on the slats, but we usually recommend taking the slats out and using the bed legs so the weight of the adjustable unit is directly on the floor.

Q: What size bed legs should I get?

A: This depends on the overall height you want for the bed. To calculate this, decide how high you want the top of your mattress. Take that number and subtract the height of the mattress, then subtract 7.5″ from that (height of the adjustable foundation) The number you are left with is the height of the legs you need.
Example: I want the top of my mattress to be 26″ from the floor. The mattress I’m getting is the 10″ Nimbus. 26″ (desired height) – 10″ (mattress)= 16″ – 7.5″ (height of adjustable Foundation) = 8.5″ In this case, I would order the adjustable bed frame with 9″ legs. The total height will be approximately 26.5″ The other option would be the 7″ legs, making the total height a bit shorter than I planned at 24.5″
26″-10″-7.5″= 8.5″ – Choose closest leg size with is 9″

Q: Will my current mattress work with an adjustable bed frame?
A: You will need to take few moments to examine your current mattress to figure out if it is compatible with an adjustable bed frame. If your mattress is memory foam, latex, or a digital number air bed, it is probably compatible. Water beds are never compatible with adjustable beds. If you currently own a spring mattress, it is unlikely it will work with an adjustable bed frame unless it was made specifically for an adjustable bed, but here is how to find out. Feel the top edges “corners” of your spring mattress. If you can feel the firm, thick wire that runs around the top perimeter of the bed, your mattress is NOT compatible with an adjustable bed frame. If however, you feel no wire, but instead, it feels like there is a foam support rail around the perimeter, your mattress should be compatible. Of course the fastest and easiest way to be 100% sure is to call the manufacturer and ask. They should be able to answer the question quickly and easily.

Q: What ailments can an adjustable bed cure?
A: Adjustable beds are not a prescribed piece of medical equipment meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical issue. You should always consult your physician regarding any sort of medical problems you may have. That said, the feedback we receive from our customers claim their adjustable beds have helped alleviate some of the following symptoms and problems:

  • Arthritis*
  • Breathing Problems*
  • Rheumatism*
  • Back & Neck Pain*
  • Poor circulation*
  • GERD*
  • Bursitis*
  • Phlebitis*
  • Minor aches and pains*
  • Neuralgia*
  • Hiatal Hernia*
  • Insomnia*
  • Varicose veins*
  • Emphysema*
  • Swollen legs and Feet*
  • Heart conditions*
  • Gastric Acid Reflux*
  • Nervous Tension*
  • Tension or Stress*
  • Asthma*
  • Headaches*
  • Muscle Spasms*
  • Neck problems*

* RestOnClouds makes NO CLAIMS that our adjustable beds or mattresses have any effect in the treatment, or cure of these symptoms.  This information is provided strictly as a reference to feedback from adjustable bed customers.  This information has not been evaluated by any doctors or medical professionals.

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Introducing our Campus Memory Foam Mattress

RestOnClouds is proud to be offering a new product line geared towards the sleeping needs college students on a budget. Our new Memory Foam Dorm Mattress is sure to please even the pickiest college students. Let’s face it. The reality of college dorm life is hours of school, homework, and then for many, a bit of partying…with just a few hours being left over for sleep. But a good nights rest is essential for learning.  When we sleep better, our brain works better. We are able to permanently absorb more information, and think faster than when we are not getting the rest our body and mind needs.

The new campus memory foam mattress from RestOnClouds is the perfect solution. With a generous comfort layer comprised of a medium density visco-elastic memory foam layer and a highly supportive base layer, this campus mattress offers the perfect blend of support and comfort.  The campus dorm mattress also features a plush removable, washable waterproof velour cover that protects the mattress from spills and other accidents. This mattress is the perfect gift for your college student….get them started off right with the gift of sound sleep.

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Soft Side Water Beds

When most people think of waterbeds, they think of the rock n’ roll, wavy gravy waterbeds of the past.  The kind that when you jump in on one side of them, the person on the other side gets thrown right out.  While there are still a select group of people who absolutely LOVE tradition hard side waterbeds with full motion water chambers, most of us prefer the newer style soft side waterbeds.  For those who don’t know the difference, a traditional hard side waterbed is the waterbed most people think of when the word is brought up.  They are made of wood, and a giant  sack of water sits inside them.  They look like a 70’s style waterbed.  New style waterbeds, aka Soft Side Waterbeds, “look” like a traditional mattress. They sit on a standard looking box spring and are quilted.  Some you may not realize are waterbeds even after laying on them.  But they all have one thing in common.  WATER.  Water allows the beds to relieve pressure points on your body better than any other type of mattress on the market, while also allowing you to “float” in perfect body alignment.

Soft side waterbeds are available in a wide variety of models.  Differences include the type of pillowtop (Some have no pillow top, while others feature materials such as memory foam and latex in their pillow top) and the type of water chamber (Tubes, no motion reduction, some motion reduction, or 100% motion reduction)  Soft side waterbeds are less maintenance than ever.  Just open the bed once a year and pour a single bottle of conditioner in.  That’s all!  In the rare event of a leak, there is a safety liner to stop your bed from spilling on your floor, and patches take less than 5 minutes.

Finally, along with all the other benefits a softside waterbed offers, they allow you to choose your sleeping temperature, and in most cases, each side of the bed can be different! It’s known that not everyone agrees on whether they want a soft or firm bed.  But MORE people actually care about the temperature.  People generally also sleep better in colder environments.  A heated water bed allows you to turn your air temperature down, helping you sleep, while still maintaining a high level of personal comfort.  For more information on water beds, please feel free to call and speak with one of our representatives.

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Eco friendly memory foam

Restonclouds is proud to say we are constantly improving the way we do business to lessen our impact on the environment. We have chosen energy efficient appliances for our office, print on recycled paper, use recycled shipping boxes, and now we are proud to announce that over half of RestOnClouds’ memory foam mattresses and ALL Thermoplush mattresses use soy based Eco-foam.

So what does that mean to you, our customers? There is no noticeable difference in the comfort or longevity of memory foam mattresses made with soy based Eco-foam. They are just as comfortable and durable as their polyurethane based predecessors. The difference comes with the difference they make on our environment and economy. Bio based foams use chemicals derived from soy plants.  During the soy plant’s life, it takes in excess amounts of carbon dioxide and replaces it with oxygen.  Soy plants nitrate the soil, preparing it for the next crop that will be grown in that soil.  They create a more biodegradable foam, and the manufacturing process supports American farmers and American business.  When you buy any of our Eco-Friendly memory foam mattresses, you are doing your part to stimulate the economy and lessen your impact on Mother Earth.

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Zeo Personal Sleep Coach

RestOnClouds is proud to introduce our newest product, the ZEO Personal Sleep Coach.  Also know as the Zeo Smart Alarm, this unit monitors your brainwaves while you sleep, collecting data about you and the way you rest.  You then use this data with the state of the art ZEO Sleep Coach software to help you build a sleeping plan that helps you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and achieve a deeper, more restorative sleep.  Our favorite part of the ZEO Sleep Coach is the smart alarm feature – but that requires some explaining.

Simplified, we have four basic stages when we are going to sleep.  We have Awake, REM Sleep, Light Sleep, and Deep sleep, in that order.  While sleeping, we cycle from REM through light sleep, into deep sleep and back over and over.  That cycle is the key to the ZEO Smart Alarm.  When we are awoken from a deep stage of sleep, it is very hard to wake up, and if that is the start of our day, we tend to be tired and have very low energy levels.  If, on the other hand, we are woken up in a lighter stage of sleep, we wake up easier and tend to feel more refreshed and energized for our day.  With the ZEO smart alarm feature you tell your alarm clock what time you need to be up by.  The ZEO will monitor your brainwaves, and when you cycle into one of your lighter stages of sleep, it will wake you up within about a half hour of that time (or less time if you change your setting, but a half hour is the default).  So you may wake up earlier than you intend, but you will still have an easier time getting out of bed and you will have more energy than if you stayed asleep longer and were woken up from a deep stage of sleep.

The ZEO Sleep Coach will chart out your sleeping pattern for you in the morning so you can see your sleep pattern.  Learning about how you sleep and what things you should do to help you sleep better, as well as things to avoid that make you miss out on sleep can  literally be life changing.  The ZEO Sleep Coach Alarm Clock will help you do just that!

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Craftmatic Adjustable Beds

When it comes to adjustable beds, most of us are very familiar with the name Craftmatic.  For years, Craftmatic ran a barrage of television commercials boasting the benefits of owning an adjustable bed.  The trick was that when you called for more information or pricing, they sent a salesperson to your home to speak with you in person and try to push you into making a purchase on the spot – usually paying a high premium.  RestOnClouds Deluxe Adjustable Beds offer all the same features and benefits of the Craftmatic Adjustable bed, but with RestOnClouds, you never have a pushy salesmen, you will always pay the lowest price, and you can choose from a wide variety of mattresses to match you personal comfort.  Your sleep should never be compromised.

The Deluxe Adjustable Beds Frame by RestOnClouds features everything you would expect from a top of the line adjustable bed frame.  Wireless remotes, full range of motion for both the head and foot of the bed, “wall hugging” action to keep you close to your night stand, multi-zone massage and battery backup.  All of these features come with our industry leading 20 year warranty and outstanding customer service.

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Memory Foam Mattresses

Here at RestOnClouds, we recommend memory foam mattresses to MANY of our customers. Though it is true that they are not right for everyone, we have found that about 70% of our customers are very happy with a memory foam solution for their sleep issues.  So who makes a good candidate for a memory foam mattress?  First, you need to accept the fact that memory foam is different than what you have slept on in the past.  Memory foam has NO spring to it at all.  It is a completely dead feeling material.  If you jump into a memory foam mattress, it is not going to feel soft and luxurious like it does when you lie down on it and gently sink in.  Memory foam is not meant to be jumped into – it is a temperature responsive, contouring material.  It is meant to relieve pressure points, and hold you in a comfortable position while you sleep.  One frequently asked question about memory foam is “What about when I’m being intimate with my partner?”  The answer is simple -It is a bit different than what you are probably used to.  Memory foam doesn’t have the spring action you are used to with a standard mattress, so you have to “work” a little more.  But we believe you mattresses primary function is to provide you will a full night’s restorative sleep, and that’s what memory foam will do.

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